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Case Puhdistamo

Shaking up the wellness aisle

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Sytytä’s official opinion is that companies that take care of themselves and others will succeed now and in the future. The goal of Puhdistamo is to get people to choose the best, high quality and natural option, that contains nothing extra.

The journey has been long: at first there were just a few friends and a website. Then Puhdistamo started to expand to grocery stores and since then you can find them practically anywhere where their category’s products are available. Their newest venture is their pharma line.

Let’s take a quick look into Puhdistamo’s ideology: Finns of all ages drink huge amounts of energy drinks every day. There has been a lot of discussion around the necessity of energy drinks, since most of them contain lots of sugar and various additives. Puhdistamo offers their alternative without anything extra. The same idea applies to supplements, snack bars etc. To get to where they are now, it has required being stubborn and uncompromising to reach their goals.

 Viivi Kangas from Puhdistamo’s HR, how does your identity show in your day to day work?

“For us it is important to continously grow and develop. At Puhdistamo you get used to ongoing change and the best part is that you learn to enjoy it. Luckily we have found great people who share this mindset!”

How has Sytytä helped you with recruitment?

 “We have worked together with Kristian a lot over the years and for us it has been key that our recruitment partner truly knows our culture and business. In addition we have had a lot of completely new roles come up that have had to be defined from scratch - and find the right people fit for them. Our turnover rate has remained low and luckily we have focused mainly on new roles!”


What is your goal?


“Our long term goal is to be an internatioanl company of which Finnish people can be proud of. We want to continue developing innovative healthier options and do it with great people without compromising having fun on the way”

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