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Recruitment and executive search

The person we are recruiting is the new team player for your company, a new colleague for many. Therefore, in the recruitment process, we ensure primarily the compatibility between the job seeker and the employer. We delve deeply into understanding our clients' operations so that we can comprehend their culture, goals, and requirements.

In demanding recruitments, we identify the most potential candidates through executive search. With extensive experience in international assignments, we are happy to assist in international recruitments outside of Finland as well.


A brief overview of our recruitment process:

  1. Initial meeting where the role and recruitment process are discussed with the client company.

  2. Publication of the job advertisement on agreed-upon channels.

  3. Search for and contact potential candidates.

  4. Interview and suitability assessment.

  5. Presentation of suitable candidates to the client company.

  6. Support throughout the recruitment process, including:

    1. Contact with both the candidate and the interviewer, supporting both.

    2.  Assistance in making the offer, identifying the candidate's motivational factors to ensure acceptance.

If you have any questions about our recruitment service, please feel free to contact Joel directly at 050 343 1816 or

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