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Wilhelmiina Kastikainen

Wilhelmiina works as an HR-Coordinator at Sytytä while she is finishing up her Master’s degree in Business Administration from Aalto University. She is majoring in people management and organization development. Wilhelmiina is very eager to leverage the knowledge and skills she has gained throughout her studies in practice working with our client companies. She started out as a summer trainee, but since then she has worked as a coordinator and is in charge of various assignments related to recruitment and sourcing. Her background includes experience in customer service and sales.


Studying in English has equipped Wilhelmiina with the skills needed for international recruitments. She primarily manages communication with international candidates, making her familiar with handling various relocation tasks. Other work tasks center around job postings and communication with clients and applicants.


During her free time, Wilhelmiina enjoys spending time at the gym and can also be spotted enjoying the iconic views of Töölönlahti while taking a stroll. To balance her active lifestyle, she indulges in a love for movies and completing her university studies.

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